Do you feel you’ve taken all the “right” steps —earned the degrees, landed the jobs, built the relationships, filled your calendar— but still you haven’t “arrived” at happiness?

Do you lie awake nights, worrying about
getting everything important done?

Are you tired of constantly running and doing?


My name is Debra Woog. I guide women professionals to do two simple things that change everything:

1. change the beliefs and patterns that are making you appear successful on the surface without the deep sense of fulfillment and peace that you crave

2. communicate authentically and strategically, to create win-win success in all aspects of life and work

When you communicate from your brilliance, rather than from fear, blame, or shame, you express yourself clearly and calmly, with conviction and confidence. You deeply understand and compellingly convey what you want and what you offer, so that others can more easily hear you and value you.

We collaborate to strengthen your communications, both intrapersonal (self-talk) and interpersonal (spoken and written). Along the way, you learn to celebrate your enoughness rather than chase accomplishments that feel less than profoundly meaningful. As a result, you achieve your top goals and support others to achieve theirs.

As 21st century women professionals, we endure a lot. My mission is to guide you along your path to achieving your most brilliant, most glorious, most joyful moments. If you long for this too, schedule a no-cost Connection Call so we can get started.