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Would you like to find out how you can give of yourself without depleting yourself?

Start Here. The free Competence Archetype Assessment is designed to help you understand the governing principles that underlie your current behavior patterns. It takes only 5 minutes to determine and begin to understand your Competence Archetype, so that you can eliminate energy drains and relieve stress right away.

I have really enjoyed connecting with you. One thing I have really learned is that I need verbal coaching.


I spend so much of my time researching, reading, and writing, which is completely isolating, I need to talk to people — on the phone or in person. Ten minutes on the phone with you, even five, is completely transformational!”



Bryn Johnson: Reflections of a
Today you’re in for an extra-special treat, meeting the wonderful Bryn Johnson. Bryn and I were college classmates, and over the years our lives have taken such similar paths that it never ceases to amaze us. Here’s how she’s evolved from corporate gal to entrepreneur extraordinaire. Briefly,
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It’s Not Me. It’s You.
As I’ve continued to delve this summer into the crucial topic of The High Cost of HyperCompetence & Its Cure, I’ve noticed a startling pattern. So many of us who struggle with the costs of HyperCompetence seem to have a narcissist (usually one not-diagnosed-by-a mental-health-professional) in our
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