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The Competence Archetype Assessment


Would you like to find out how you can give of yourself without depleting yourself?

Start Here. The free Competence Archetype Assessment is designed to help you understand the governing principles that underlie your current behavior patterns. It takes only 5 minutes to determine and begin to understand your Competence Archetype, so that you can eliminate energy drains and relieve stress right away.

Working with Debra showed me how to commit to sitting down to think about things so my days don’t disappear.


She built my confidence about how I can transfer the knowledge and skills I’ve developed and gave me a way to articulate them. It was great to get my resume together to clarify for myself and others what I’m interested in doing.”

Kathleen Mortimer


It’s Not Me. It’s You.
As I’ve continued to delve this summer into the crucial topic of The High Cost of HyperCompetence & Its Cure, I’ve noticed a startling pattern. So many of us who struggle with the costs of HyperCompetence seem to have a narcissist (usually one not-diagnosed-by-a mental-health-professional) in our
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Talking “The Talk” – Finding
The format may be reminiscent of another talk show hosted by a group of women, but The Talk has a different angle. It premiered in 2010, featuring 6 women of different ages, ethnicities, and religions – all mothers. Actress Sara Gilbert, who created and produces the show,
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