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The Competence Archetype Assessment


Would you like to find out how you can give of yourself without depleting yourself?

Start Here. The free Competence Archetype Assessment is designed to help you understand the governing principles that underlie your current behavior patterns. It takes only 5 minutes to determine and begin to understand your Competence Archetype, so that you can eliminate energy drains and relieve stress right away.

Before I started the Brilliance-Based Businesswomen’s Salon, I still felt like there were some missing elements, that things were not coming together as I would have liked or as quickly as I would have desired.


I had this major, major shift as a result of your program.Since I’ve let go of certain expectations I had of myself, now I feel I have a better relationship with time. I see time as more precious now. I protect it and my schedule more than I did before, instead of allowing things …

Lynn Smith


What’s in a Job Description?
Square one of the hiring process is the job description. Use these tips to ensure your descriptions attract the right candidates. by Debra Woog and Nicole C. Moss The position specification is square one of the hiring process. Why is the specification important? First, the right specification
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Affordable, Effective Benefits Reduce Employee
Recent research suggests that almost half of all employees are actively looking for new jobs, and more than three-quarters of them would jump ship for the right opportunity. What are you doing to keep your employees happy and productive? by Debra Woog and Nicole C. Moss Recent research
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