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The Competence Archetype Assessment


Would you like to find out how you can give of yourself without depleting yourself?

Start Here. The free Competence Archetype Assessment is designed to help you understand the governing principles that underlie your current behavior patterns. It takes only 5 minutes to determine and begin to understand your Competence Archetype, so that you can eliminate energy drains and relieve stress right away.

The work that we did together, figuring out my priorities, my needs, are very helpful for me now. 


It helps me to stay focused on what needs to get done, knowing that the journey is not necessarily going to be easy but will make sense for me. It really provided me and continues to provide me better clarity in my life. I want to thank you for that.” 

Elana Wang


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Working at a start-up is hardly a cake-walk. Growing pains, miscommunications, and disappointments can make for a pressure-cooker atmosphere. Chat at noon today with Debra Woog about how best to grapple with the workplace problems that start-ups often face. Debra is Director of People Strategy at Cambridge
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